Diavitirio (Greek – trad. or composer unknown)

This was one of the very first pieces that the Moonlight Mandolins rehearsed and performed. Hugh transcribed the tune from a recording by “Manos Tacticos and his Bouzoukis”, and arranged it for mandolin orchestra. Unfortunately he has long since mislaid the Tacticos CD and there does not seem to be a recording of this particular track anywhere on the Web! But there are quite a few other Tacticos recordings on YouTube if you want to get an idea of the sound: 

Our arrangement

Pdfs of the score and individual parts are in our Shared Music folder. You can also see (and hear) the whole piece on Noteflight below. The Noteflight widget sometimes takes a little while to load, but you should then find a Play symbol at top left if you want to hear a digital performance. 


Practice Pointers

This piece is really straightforward – apart from being in 5/8! As with any irregular metre, the groups of short notes are easy; the longer notes are the ones more likely to cause problems if your counting is not rock-solid.

The safest (and possibly the best) way to pick this piece is a downstroke on every note – you need a nice loose wrist for this, but we are playing at a speed where “downstrokes only” still works well. (That does not mean, of course, that every note gets equal weight – we still need plenty of light and shade!)

There are some staggered entries after A which will need careful counting. Once your part gets moving, it gets much easier.

M2s, be aware you have the melody at B. Guitars have the melody at C. Mandolas, you have the melody at E.