Loftus Jones (Turlough O’Carolan)

If you don’t already know about O’Carolan, you could start by looking him up here.

Here is a folk performance of Loftus Jones from YouTube, with fiddle accompanied by harp.

If you have Spotify, you will find many nice recordings of the tune, such as this solo acoustic guitar version. 

Jeff Dearinger arranged it for mandolin orchestra, and you can hear the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble playing the arrangement here (NB we are going to take it a bit slower, and let it breathe a little more).

This music was purchased from Jeff Dearinger –  please get your copy from the repertoire committee.

Practice Pointers

I would like to take it a little slower than marked – no faster than 135 or 140 – with a feeling of four beats in a bar rather than two.

Mandolins and mandolas, please attempt the chords rather than divisi-ing. But we’ll be pragmatic as we get towards the day – a single clean note always sounds better than a fluffed chord.

Mandolas, you have some challenging chords but there are feasible fingerings – I have pencilled a couple of them in.

And if everyone, without breaking the flow, could give a little breath of air at the end of bars 7 and 14?