MOOJU Nov 2018

This page has music and information for players who are invited and signed up for the November 2018 session. For general information about MOOJU click here. If you have not yet been invited, but think you might like to be, please contact me

Date of next session: 17th November 2018
Venue: Histon Baptist Church, Station Rd, Histon CB24 9LN
Time: 2.00 – 4.00 pm.

Please can all parents get their children to the venue 10 mins early so we can make a very prompt start at 2.00!
Please can everyone bring their music and a music stand!
At the end of the session we will be playing a short concert from 3.40 – 4.00 for parents/carers as they arrive to pick up children.

Most of the participants will be given copies of their music during their regular lessons over the coming weeks. Those participants who are not having lessons with me will need to print off their parts at home.

All the music has been prepared using Noteflight. You can listen to the pieces directly from this page, by clicking the Play buttons in the widgets below. The sounds you will hear are all electronic, so this will only give you a very rough idea of how the piece will sound with real instruments – however it is useful for learning the rhythms and hearing how your part fits in with the others.

Alternatively, you could open your own account with Noteflight (it is a brilliant, free, online music notation resource). You will then be able to access the pieces via your own account and you will have more viewing and playback options.

We will playing three pieces – all of them are new to the MOOJU repertoire.

Coventry Carol (English traditional carol from the 15th cent.)
This has a simple, haunting theme which is shared between the different instruments in the group and harmonised in various ways. The notes are mainly very simple – the most important thing to practice is counting out the rests in your part, so that you always come in at the right time.

If you need to print off a spare part, you can find them all in this folder.

Catch me if you can (Hugh Boyde)

Well, can you? That’s the question 🙂 This piece has a fairly fast rock tempo so you need to get those fingers moving on the fingerboard!

If you need to print off a spare part, you can find them all in this folder.

Twenty Waies upon the Bels, Thomas Robinson 1603

This was originally written for 2 lutes. In the original version, 1 lute plays a simple bass figure or “ground” 20 times over, while the other plays variations or “ways” over the top.

Everyone please look out for B flats in this piece! Ukulele players will be very familiar with B flat, but guitar players will not have played this note so often so will have to THINK and maybe WRITE IN SOME FINGERING.

Also – the clue is in the name – try to keep notes ringing on and overlapping each other wherever possible so we sound like bells chiming when we play together.

If you need to print off a spare part, you can find them all in this folder.