Popping up at Histon Baptist Church

… the pop-up guitar and ukulele orchestra!

MOOJU” is short for the Moonlight Junior Guitar and Ukulele Orchestra. It is an occasional opportunity for my more advanced primary pupils to meet and play together in a larger group.

Participants get their music several weeks in advance, and learn it in their regular instrumental lessons. They then “pop up” to become an instant orchestra, rehearse together and play a concert for parents and friends – all in the space of two hours on a Saturday afternoon!

Here are some pictures from the first MOOJU event in March 2017. It was really quite uplifting 🙂 and everyone was left with an appetite for more.

MOOJU are going to continue to pop up once a term, through the 2017-8 school year and hopefully beyond. Please note this group is “invitation only”. Participants need to be of at least Grade 1 standard and up to Grade 3 – though I may sometimes invite less experienced pupils if I see that they can learn a part quickly.

Other teachers in the area, do contact me if you have a pupil who you think ought to be invited along.