Suite No. 6 for mandolin orchestra (Hermann Ambrosius)

You can read about Hermann Ambrosius here. His compositions  (many written specifically for “Zupforchester” or plucked string orchesta) have always enjoyed great popularity among German mandolin orchestras and Suite No. 6 is one of the most often performed. There is a great deal of “art that conceals art” here – the simple-sounding dance movements are easy on the ear and technically well within the reach of an amateur orchestra, yet they are never predictable, and manage to create and sustain much musical interest.

Here, in 2 clips, is a performance by the Lugano Mandolin Crchestra
Part 1

Part 2

Practice notes

Praeludium – Lots of long tremolo notes in the upper parts – these should be ever so slightly detached so each note starts with a new attack,

Menuett – all watch out for rits. and a final rall. Mandolas have a nice melody passage – we want at least two on this part when you divide.

Sarabande – mandola solo passage again – same comment as for Menuett.