Waltz (Bill Crahan arr. Dearinger)

An orchestral arrangement of a simple and stirring tune which the MMO performed several times in the very early days of the group.

Bill Crahan was an acoustic guitarist who worked extensively with mandolinist Scott Tichenoor (he of www.mandolincafe.com). The piece was originally known simply as “Crahan’s Waltz”. When Crahan died, another mandolin player, Butch Baldassari (founder of the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble) made a lovely recording of the tune in tribute, under the title “A Place in the Heart”.

If you have Spotify, you can enjoy his recording here.

Otherwise it is also the soundtrack for this YouTube clip. (if you can manage to put up with the naff slideshow).

The music was purchased from Jeff Dearinger – please get your part from the repertoire committee.

Practice Pointers

M1 and M2, there are quite a few grace notes written in to the music – please do NOT play these for now, but do not cross them out, as we may introduce some of them later on.

M1, please attempt the chords where written, rather than divisi-ing. In one recurring bar (see bar 11) this results in a tricky fingering but is well worth practising.

M1 and M2, where you have a pair of slurred quavers, please attempt a hammer-on or pull-off if you possibly can, but if it proves too hard, then 2 cleanly struck notes are better than a fluffed slur.

M2, at bar 25 you have a nice descant part which you are instructed to play “under the 1st mandolin” – just be aware that in terms of pitch, you are above the 1sts, so this needs to be played very discreetly.

M2 – you have a lot of tremolo on the bottom string from bar 60 – work hard on getting a sweet sound here – it is not easy on the bottom string.

Bass – the ARCO would be nice but not essential. Maybe practice “pizz. only” for now and see how you get on.